A downloadable game for Windows

NOTE: There are two stupid bugs in the game, both with the burning platforms. I will get those bugs fixed in the post jam version. For now, let's just ignore those bugs? :P Thanks. Following goes the actual description.

This is a platformer with no platforms (and no sound because I ran out of time and also I had no title for the game, so my situation gave me this title).

You have to build your own platforms.

You have a gun. 

You shoot platforms!

You shoot some more stuff!


W: Jump / A: Left / D: Right

Move your Mouse to rotate the gun.

Left click to shoot.

The speed of the projectile will depend upon the distance of the cursor from the gun. I'm sorry for not being able to explain this in game. Should have added a visual line for the direction and magnitude :(

Time slows down while you aim after you have clicked the left mouse button. Releasing it brings the time back to normal. Again, failed to explain this too in game :(


TSPWNP.rar 16 MB

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